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About København Håndbold

København Håndbold is the team of the capital. The club plays in black jerseys and black shorts on the home pitch in Frederiksberg Hallerne.

The team consist from part time professional players and a few full time professionals.


Commercial director
Janni Møller Thomsen
Phone. +45 22 35 52 25
Email: [email protected]


København Håndbold seeks to attrackt, develop and maintain Danish talents and profiles in the Captial, and on that basis run a business with profit in sports, financial and human energy.


København Håndbold seeks to improve the conditions for all handball players in and around Copenhagen by creating a strong handball culture with dedicated role models and thereby contribute to health, activity and well-being.


[email protected]
Phone: 21 66 49 99

Kim Mikkelsen


[email protected]
Phone: 22 35 52 25

Janni Møller Thomsen

Commercial director

[email protected]
Phone: 20 99 54 32

Line Bitsch Jensen


[email protected]
Phone: 28 83 79 39

Nicklas Hansen

Key account manager