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About København Håndbold

København Håndbold is the team of the capital. The club plays in black jerseys and black shorts on the home pitch in Frederiksberg Hallerne.

The team consist from part time professional players and a few full time professionals.



Janni Møller Thomsen
Phone. +45 22 35 52 25


København Håndbold seeks to attrackt, develop and maintain Danish talents and profiles in the Captial, and on that basis run a business with profit in sports, financial and human energy.


København Håndbold seeks to improve the conditions for all handball players in and around Copenhagen by creating a strong handball culture with dedicated role models and thereby contribute to health, activity and well-being.


Handball has been played in Copenhagen since the late 1890s, where it was a schoolyard activity. The company, København Håndbold A/S was founded on 24th January 2013, and on the 16th of February, the company took over FIF’s license to play handball in the Danish Women’s League.
København Håndbold is owned by Kim Mikkelsen, and the club of the capitol played the first season in 2013/2014, where the goal was to reach the playoffs. After 22 matches, the tigers had collected 13 points, which positioned the club in a ninth place. The season contained a lot of close matches, and in particular, the two matches against Nykøbing Falster, won by a single goal, will be remembered by many people around the club – and finally the victory against Team Tvis Holsterbro at our homeground in Frederiksberg Hallen. The spectator record in the clubs first season was 1072 spectators, and the average ended at 571. København Håndbold won the first match in the Cup against Holbæk, with 45-16. In the quarterfinal, København Håndbold, met the defending champions FCM Håndbold, and lost 20-24 after a heroic effort.


The first season also offered a participation in the EHF CUP, where København Håndbold defeated HC Karparty from Ukraine and Frisch Auf Göppingen from Germany in both matches. The quarterfinals became the final station, when København Håndbold ran into the strong Russian team from Lada Togliatti. Mie Augustesen became the club’s top scorer with 88 goals, while Søs Søby was named the player of the year.


In the season 2014/2015, København Håndbold ended up in a ninth place again, where the team collected 15 points in 22 matches. The leading scorer was Anne Mette Hansen, who made 114 impressive goals in her debut season for the tigers, where she also received the ‘player of the year’ title. On the overall scoring list for the league, she ended up in a 5th place. In the CUP tournament, the club defeated BK Ydun in the 1/8 final – with 35-22 in the local match at Frederiksberg. Later on, FCM Håndbold became the final station again in the quarterfinal, where København Håndbold lost 16-22 in Frederiksberg Hallen. The spectator average ended at 817 for the whole season.


The 2015/2016 season ended up being the club’s best position in the league so far. During the 22 matches København Håndbold collected 21 points, and ended up in a seventh place, which wasn’t enough to give access to the playoff. The season did not start that well, in the first seven matches, København Håndbold, only won one and lost the remaining six. Since then, the team performed better, and along the way the team defeated five out of six teams that ended in playoff. NFH, Randers HK, Team Tvis Holsterbro, Viborrg HK and later the defending dansish champions, Team Esbjerg, were all beaten. The club ended up by impressively winning the seven last home matches in a row. On average, 1069 spectators watched the Tigers’ home games, and this year’s player became Mia Rej, who also became the club’s leading scorer – she scored 92 goals during the season. In the CUP tournament, København Håndbold won with 34-12 in the 1/8-final against CIF Aarhus, but for the third season in a row, we met FCM Håndbold in the quarterfinals and FCM won 17-27. Like the year before, FCM Håndbold also ended up winning the tournament.


The 2016/2017 was a historical season for København Håndbold. In the league, the club finished fourth after collecting 29 points in the 22 league matches. Thus, for the first time in the history of the club, playoffs were reached, and in the quarterfinal, Silkeborg-Voel KFUM was defeated. Afterwards the team delivered a huge surprise by beating the favourites from FCM Håndbold in the semi-finals. A final series against Nykøbing F. Håndbold was a reality. After three close and exciting matches, it ended up with a silver, which marked the first medals in the club’s history. For the second season in a row, Mia Rej became both the club’s leading scorer with a total of 113 goals in the basic games (154 goals including the finals) and she also became the player of the year. The average home-spectators ended up at being 1022 in the 11 home matches and 1069 in the playoff matches. In the CUP tournament, we beat SK Aarhus in the 1/8 finals with 22-17 and for the fourth season in a row the opponent was FCM Håndbold in the ¼-final, which in the Frederiksberg Hallen beat the tigers by 32-23. In the league the good home statistics continued, and there was only one match where København Håndbold had to leave the pitch without points in Frederiksberg Hallen. In all, it became an unbeaten streak of 17 consecutive games in the league, extending over 533 days.



DM-silver: 2016/2017


Player of the year:

2013/2014: Søs Søby
2014/2015: Anne Mette Hansen
2015/2016: Mia Rej
2016/2017: Mia Rej


Top scorers:

2013/2014: Mie Augustensen – 88 goals (21 matches)
2014/2015: Anne Mette Hansen – 114 goals (22 matches)
2015/2016: Mia Rej – 92 goals (21 matches)
201672017: Mia Rej – 154 goals (30 matches)


Spectator average:

2013/2014: 571 (11 matches)
2014/2015: 817 (11 matches)
2015/2016: 1069 (11 matches)
2016/2017: 1069 (15 matches)

Phone: 22 35 52 25

Janni Møller Thomsen

Phone: 61 60 55 06

Karina Lauritzen

Head of sales
Phone: 20 99 54 32

Line Bitsch Jensen

Head of administration
Phone: 28 83 79 39

Nicklas Hansen

Key account manager